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Full Filem Gelora 1970

Full Filem Gelora 1970: A Classic Indonesian Drama

Full filem gelora is a genre of Indonesian cinema that features melodramatic stories of love, betrayal, and tragedy. One of the most famous examples of this genre is Gelora, a 1970 film directed by and starring P. Ramlee, one of the most celebrated figures in Indonesian film history. Gelora tells the story of Rizman, a young man who falls in love with Rima, the mother of his girlfriend Ruby. Their forbidden affair leads to a series of dramatic events that test their loyalty, morality, and fate.

The Plot of Gelora

Gelora begins with Rizman running away from his abusive stepmother, who blames him for the death of his half-brother. He decides to go to Singapore, but on his way he meets Rima, a beautiful widow who is sending off her lover Tengku Zaman at the train station. Rima takes pity on Rizman and invites him to stay with her and her daughter Ruby, who happens to be Rizman's girlfriend. Rizman accepts the offer and moves in with them.


Soon, Rizman and Rima develop a mutual attraction that they try to hide from Ruby. However, one night, Rizman accidentally walks into Rima's bedroom and sees her in a seductive pose. He cannot resist his desire and approaches her. Rima does not reject him and they end up having sex. From then on, they begin a secret affair that becomes more passionate and risky.

Meanwhile, Ruby works as a secretary for Rozaimi, a middle-aged manager who is smitten with her. He tries to woo her with gifts and compliments, but she rejects him because she loves Rizman. However, one day, Mustabab, a former suitor of Ruby who holds a grudge against her, sees Rizman and Rima at the cinema. He informs Rozaimi about their relationship and shows him a photo as proof. Rozaimi is shocked and angry. He confronts Ruby and shows her the photo. Ruby is devastated and runs away from him.

Ruby goes home and confronts Rizman and Rima. She accuses them of betraying her and slaps them both. She then runs out of the house and attempts to kill herself by jumping into a river. However, she is rescued by Tengku Zaman, who happens to be passing by. He takes her to his mansion and nurses her back to health. He also falls in love with her and proposes to marry her. Ruby agrees, hoping to forget her past.

Rizman and Rima are filled with guilt and remorse for hurting Ruby. They decide to end their affair and part ways. However, they cannot forget each other and suffer from depression. Rizman tries to find Ruby but learns that she has married Tengku Zaman and moved to another city. He becomes hopeless and wanders around aimlessly.

The film ends with a tragic twist. Rizman is hit by a car driven by Rozaimi, who has become insane after losing Ruby. He dies on the spot. Rima hears the news on the radio and collapses in grief. She dies shortly after.

The Themes of Gelora

Gelora explores several themes that are common in full filem gelora genre, such as:

  • Forbidden love: The main conflict of the film is the illicit relationship between Rizman and Rima, who violate the social norms and moral values of their society by having an affair behind Ruby's back. Their love is doomed from the start and leads to their downfall.

  • Fate: The film suggests that the characters are bound by fate and cannot escape their destiny. For example, Rizman meets Rima by chance at the train station; Mustabab exposes their affair by coincidence; Rozaimi kills Rizman by accident; etc.

  • Suffering: The film portrays the suffering of the characters as a result of their actions or circumstances. For example, Rizman suffers from his stepmother's abuse; Rima suffers from her loneliness; Ruby suffers from her betrayal; Rozaimi suffers from his obsession; etc.

  • Tragedy: The film ends with a tragic outcome for the main characters, who die or lose their loved ones. The film does not offer any hope or redemption for them.

The Reception of Gelora

Gelora was released in 1970 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its realistic and emotional portrayal of the characters and their dilemmas. Others criticized the film for its controversial and sensational content, such as the explicit sex scenes and the incestuous theme. The film was also banned from being shown on television for many years due to its mature and sensitive nature.

However, Gelora is widely regarded as one of the best and most memorable films of P. Ramlee, who was not only the director and star of the film, but also the writer, composer, and editor. The film showcases his versatility and talent as a filmmaker and an actor. The film also features excellent performances from Sarimah, Arman Yadi, Isma Rubee, and Idris Hashim, who played the supporting roles.

Gelora is a classic example of full filem gelora genre that reflects the social and cultural issues of its time. It is a film that challenges the viewers to question their own values and choices in life.





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