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Where To Buy Columbia University Clothing ##TOP##

The key to making fashion sustainable is the consumer. If we want the fashion industry to adopt more sustainable practices, then as shoppers, we need to care about how clothing is made and where it comes from, and demonstrate these concerns through what we buy. The market will then respond.

where to buy columbia university clothing

What happens to materials donated? Clothing & Textiles are accepted by Wearable Collections staff and taken to a facility where they are sorted into different grades, with an effort to recover as much usable clothing as possible for distribution to second-hand markets. Material that is not suitable for reuse will go to recycling markets to be used as wiping rags or shredded for low grade fiber products such as insulation.

From anywhere in the world and in any currency, you may wire your gift to Columbia. To transfer your gift, email Gift Systems at or call 1-866-GIFTSYS during business hours. For more information, please contact Janice Grady, Assistant Dean, Development & Alumni Relations, at or 212-305-1088. 041b061a72

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